My PaintTool SAI Brushes

Here are my most-used brushes, collected from the web and tweaked a bit to my sensitivity tastes.

It almost looks and feels like real pencil! The trick for a more realistic effect is to use a dark gray color instead of pure black and a very light, low-saturated color blue as background. Click on the picture to see details. Beautiful!



Create a “Brush” type and use these settings:


This is a painterly, strokey, chalky brush. Paint lightly to get a rough, dry brush effect. Works better if you tweak the Hard <-> Soft settings to your liking. Sometimes I turn on the Blend checkbox if I need to mix colors as if using wet paint.


Create a “Brush” type and use these settings:


If you don’t have these brushes or textures, click here.

13 thoughts on “My PaintTool SAI Brushes

  1. These are helpful! i love using a chalky brush!
    Can you please do more settings for different Brush strokes?
    If it’s not too much trouble?

  2. could you pleas give me a like to download the ‘ Line, curve and edit’ tools I can’t seem to find them ^^’

    Thank you.

  3. Hello! I’m having an issue with the brushform.conf , brushtex.conf and papertex.conf

    i right-clicked the conf, but it doesnt say “edit, open with, notepad” instead, it says the following

    -move to dropbox
    -give access to
    -restore previous versions
    -send to
    -create shortcut

    none of then says to “edit” or “open with, it’s frustrating me.

    any help? thank you!

    • You can do it backwards, that is, opening the Notepad application first then open the conf files. Keep a note of the location of the files first, so you know how to navigate to the proper directory to open them.

  4. Thank you so much! I’ve personally been struggling for years to find the certain brushes needed for custom things and this is perfect! <3

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